Coleen helped me find my balance. My sessions with her have made me feel more emotionally clear and grounded. My painful and debilitating menstrual cramps have disappeared and have not returned since taking the remedy she chose for me. A deeply liberating experience.

Christina Larigakis

Remedies are prepared from diluted substances of minerals, plants or animal products. The substances are first triturated (changed from their original form) then diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously). With each repetition of this process, called potentization, the more influential the remedy becomes. Its power is evident when the selected remedy is matched to the symptom picture of the individual.

A remedy may be prescribed immediately or time might be desired to study the case with a remedy being given later. In acute cases there will be a follow up appointment or a phone consultation in the proceeding days. In chronic cases the follow up will be in 4 – 6 weeks to observe the effectiveness of the remedy. Treatment in these cases takes time especially when other medications are involved. According to the reaction of the remedy, the remedy will be repeated, the dosage changed, a new remedy administered or a wait period will commence as the homeopathic medicine is still working.