I cannot speak highly enough about Coleen’s thorough and professional consultations, along with her dedication to homeopathy. I am especially grateful for the care and knowledge she applied to get me though menopause without the hot sweats and sleepless nights. The remedy worked instantaneously. Subsequently my family and I have sought her advice for healing scar tissue from a broken leg, pushing through the variety of flu strains, along with general help with our day to day decisions regarding diet and wellness. Thank you Coleen for becoming an integral part of our health success and your continued commitment to your profession.

Brenda Debelle

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine based on ancient principles and developed by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, in the late 1800’s. Homeopathy is from the Greek word “homios” (similar) and “pathos” (suffering or disease).

There are four basic principles Homeopathy adheres to:

• The primary principle is “Likes cure likes.” Prepared substances are capable of curing the same symptoms they can cause.

• Homeopathy treats the entire person not just the disease. The physical, mental and emotional state of the whole individual is considered.

• A single remedy is administered, which permits a clear observation of the healing process. No extra supplements nor special diets, apart from your normal regime, are necessary.

• The final principle is to keep the dosage to a minimum, so the individual’s system is not overloaded but gently activated, enabling the body to cure itself.

The uniqueness of the four homeopathic principles is any complaint can be dealt with, even complaints conventional medicine cannot name or help.

What Can Homeopathy Treat?


Homeopathy does not require a diagnosis in order to treat a client. The premise is to regard the presented symptoms of an individual – not the disease per se. It is the underlying disturbance manifesting symptoms which is the focus.

An example of this principle is a room full of people all of which have the flu. Every person might receive a different remedy due to the particular symptoms and reactions occurring in each one. In this way the individual is being treated and not the illness.

Complaints of hormonal disturbances (menstrual problems, pregnancy, menopausal), allergies, arthritis, sinusitis, IBS are just some of the ailments homeopathy has had success treating. Recovery time for musculoskeletal injuries or viral infections can be reduced. Common childhood complaints such as earaches, teething, nose bleeds, colic, respond well to homeopathy as well as slow development in toddlers or ADHD. Teenage acne, panic attacks, stress from work, grief are other areas. There is no one avenue homeopathy is directed towards except to the well being and health of the client.