I came to homeopathy looking for healing and a sense of direction. I am happy that I found both…Thank you…

Kevin, Feldenkrais
practitioner, ballet master worldwide

My attraction to homeopathy started during my dance career. But it was after having children, my realization of the benefits of homeopathic treatment became clear and convincing. For twenty-three years I was a principle dancer with the Dutch National Ballet. My work days were long and hard on my body. I suffered from continuous foot infections, wear and tear of muscles and tendons, and general fatigue which sometimes lead to flues, coughs and lung infections. After repetitive doses of antibiotics, I began looking for alternatives. Homeopathy was where I landed. However, it was the illness of my youngest child which confirmed my thoughts that homeopathy, a natural medical system, truly produced long lasting cures.

My family and I were traveling in New Zealand when my 3 year old son developed a 104 degree temperature along with bronchitis. It was an illness he had suffered from several times previously. After several days of no significant improvement of either the fever nor the infection, we went to the local hospital. After hours of numerous tests, the diagnosis was delivered – my son had some kind of virus and there was nothing they could do to help him. We left the hospital feeling upset and discouraged. The following day in a nearby small town we were visiting, I saw the office of a homeopathic practitioner. My son and I went in for a consultation. After a two hour appointment with the homeopath, a remedy was chosen and administered. The results were nothing short of spectacular. My son’s temperature rapidly receded and his bronchitis cleared significantly within 24 hours. To this day he has never had another bout of bronchitis. But the biggest astonishment came from watching our son’s overall mood change overnight. His previously very quiet behaviour changed to a curiosity and a new interest in his surroundings. He is a twin, and people would regularly comment on how his sibling seemed to be the healthier, more active child, while he seemed to struggle behind her. Our twins have always had two different personalities, but after the remedy their energy output as well as their physical development became the same. This was when I became a true believer in homeopathy, and so did my husband.

I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia after my retirement from the Dutch National Ballet. In 2006 I enrolled into the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy. In 2010 I graduated with a Diploma of Classical Homeopathy and began my own practice.